Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photos - for January mid-month progress

Cabled Sweater from Bernat

Shoddy picture first (sorry, didn't realize it was so bad until this morning)... but it shows the length on the two sleeves (and it's more true on the colors than the next shot):

This is a close up of the cables - pre-blocking of course. But if you look at finished photos of the sweater, this doesn't really spread much over what you see here. Loving the braiding; thinking that they made it a little more complicated than it needed to be as you can't really see some of the details that they added that makes it more complicated and a simpler braid would still look fine with two simple twisting cables with a third line coming in.... but I'm following the directions anyway and think blocking will help some of those finer details show up a little better.

Pick It Up Sweater

Again, this was knit cuff-in to the center back (very frustrated with my grafting being too tight - but hopefully the yarn is going to forgive my sins). I've picked up and started knitting down the back. In this first shot (again the best at being color-true) you can see the back and where I'm working on it:

This shows a little more detail on the cabled braid I'm working down the center back. It's a 20 stitch repeat with simple cables that twist around the sides, then back to the center, then out again. I'm really glad I've added this detail. Wasn't sure how well it would show with the yarn; but I love the little bit of added complexity and it really makes for a much more interesting knit.

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