Tuesday, January 31, 2012

-- January end results; plans for February

This is what I finished:

2 Sweaters (one was 99% done before January)
1 pair of gloves
5 hats
1 12" square for a baby blanket
1 scarf
1 small toy Lion


1 Sweater - Cabled Sweater at 33% done
1 Baby Blanket - about 33% done
1 Hat - about 75% done
1 pair of Gloves - about 5% done

Hibernating Projects:

1 overly large toy Alligator (reserving the right to call it a crocodile if the mouth/teeth don't work out)
Lots of Blanket squares to seam together for something
Master Knitter's Program Level 1 swatches

February Plans:
Day one - finish a WIP - since three of the projects will take far too long to finish tomorrow - I might seam some of those squares for the ARL for their cats

Get to 66% done on Cabled Sweater
Get to 50% done on Cabled Gloves
Lia sweater
12 jellyfish hats (< 2 hours each)
Felted Knitted project bag
1 Scarf
1 12" Blanket Square
2-hr Crocheted Baby Blanket

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