Thursday, January 19, 2012

Other than sweaters progress post... forgot I had posted my plans for all knits.

3) Cast-on First sweater - Pick, Pick, Pick it Up pattern (to turn in before the end of January for a class) Cast-on; sleeves finished; getting going on the back - about 50% done

4) As soon as OWL is approved cast on for Cabled Sweater by Bernat - get it to the 40% finished mark and go back and keep working on Pick, Pick, Pick it up Pattern until it's done.Cast-on; sleeves at 18" - still my priority until I get to the ribbing on the body - calling it 25% done

5) Portable/simple project - work on a Brioche Scarf (third class project) - DONE - but need better pics

6) Second portable/simple project - pair of simple, worsted weight gloves - cast-on and am in the thumb gusset increases now.

7) Since I'm being tempted, and the gloves will probably be finished before next weekend; and I need some other fairly simple projects for a Knit-in Weekend; Am probably going to do a half-dozen more Brioche Stitch hats (as time permits)

8) Would also like to find time to do a 12" square for a contribution to a friend's baby blanket.

... I think I need to find a way to learn to knit in my sleep.

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