Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweater #2 of 12 finished!

The Pick It Up sweater was finished in next to no time (it seemed) once I was done working on the sleeves. But, I guess that's how that pattern would work - since you knit the sleeves first, then stop working in the round - but keep working the same stitches until they meet in the back (which is half of the back). Picking up and working down to the waist from the back of the "shrug" and adding a pretty little cable meant I had some interesting knitting that sped right along. Then there are no fronts "technically" - it's just a garter stitch band around the front.

Unfortunately there aren't very good photos to share. I tried snapping a mirror pic, but it really didn't turn out. And my 8 yr old really doesn't do photos very well.

So here it is on the hanger - front & back:

The color in the progress post is a little more 'true'.

I'm back to work on the cabled sweater and hope to finish the ribbing this week.

Plans are to cast on the next sweater after February First!

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